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The Woodruff Circle is a casual, social guild with strong emphasis on togetherness and friendly spirit. This is definitely no place for primarily progress-focused players, because due to limited playtime and a relaxed attitude, we take neither the game nor ourselves too seriously.
So if you are of the more ambitious kind, you might get bored or feel underchallenged here - but if you enjoy hanging out with nice people and doing things together for fun (without caring about wipes and repair bills) you might fit in just perfectly. :)

The philosophy is to run a guild that feels "like home", with a rather family-like atmosphere where it's ok to make mistakes. What counts is the person behind the screen, not their gear or playing skills. Your character's level is not important either, you are just as welcome if you are still leveling!

Ideally our members are 20+ years of age, to ensure a mature environment. Currently most are more like 30+, with families, kids, jobs etc. Due to that, most of our action takes place in the evenings, and you won't see too many of us online during working hours.


Stuff we do (or would like to do)

- occasional instance/heroics runs

- Arena PvP (mainly for the laugh)

- Rated Battlegrounds (for the chaos involved)

- social events

- help each other =)



Of course you have to stick to the Roleplaying Realms Policy, but our guild chat is OOC and unfortunately most members don't RP at all. More enthusiastic roleplayers in the guild could maybe help those RP-grumps to get into it though... *cough* ;P

For those who do/want to RP, our guild background is, as the name implies, a druid circle. A bit like a smaller, local version of the honourable Cenarion Circle (that most of our druids are part of, too), we also allow and welcome non-druids and members of other races who share the same goals and values.

We are dedicated to protecting the night elf lands (i.e. Teldrassil, Darkshore, Ashenvale) on a local scale, but also fight evil wherever it is encountered and threatening the Balance.


What we expect of you

Be mature and friendly & have a positive attitude!

In more specific terms that means respect your fellow guildies (no racist/sexist/homophobic talk)

In dungeons and raids, "the weakest links in the chain" should always set the pace, so that nobody gets left behind or feels uncomfortable. That means for example no rushing through instances when somebody is still inexperienced and learning. Just look out for each other and try to help.

Don't freak out over loot, it's not what we are here for.

Don't upset the roleplayers, this is an RP realm!

Read the forums regularly so you don't miss out on news and announcements. Don't be shy to participate in discussions and pointless spam... the forums are a big part of the social aspect of the guild. :)


Trial Period
There is a trial period of approx. 2 weeks for new members. During this time, guild and potential new member can get to know each other, and see if we fit together.
The trial period can be extended in case we never see you around or something. ;)


Note: We are NOT EVER going to be a raiding guild, which means that we will at no point recruit new members just to fill raid slots. So if there are not enough members presently interested in raiding (or able to), there is no raiding. Very logical.
If we do it, however, our raid attitude is fun- rather than progress-oriented. This hasn't kept us from downing Kel Thuzad with our old crew, but generally raiding and content progress are not main priorities in this guild.

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